Jun 23, 2011

Rubato - or not

 Rubato - or not

The title is misleading. So what?

The discussion in some internet-places about  rubato or not - surprises me.
The rubato since the beginning of the 1900... was almost abandoned and not many pianists can do rubato - may I call it the "real rubato"? -  any more, or even if they can, only few do.  

But what is the composers left to us?

I would love it to have a youtube - video with Franz Schubert playing his Sonata D 960 -
do I ask to much? Ok, I were happy to have at least a noisy, crackling shellac-disc with Schubert playing whatever minuscle piece of him himself.

The composers left us the scores - but probably often they left us nothing and only very lucky situations lead to the fortunate situation pieces like the Kupelwieser-Waltz of Schubert (Richard Strauss) survive. Richard Strauss added some personal ornaments by the way. Shoud we blame him?


Music was and nontheless todays technical equipment still is a temporarily performance, like each creature is born, exists a limited period of time and finally dies, lucky those who can be present.

Photography, all the conserved music and finally fhe film accessible today for everybody give us the possibility to keep some information, to keep in fact much more information than the composers left us by leaving us the scores.

The score illustrates the idea of the composer as precisely as possible.
Who had the luck to have been present during an original piano-evening by Schubert could immagine better how to play the score ... 

To play the score as precisely as possible is a valuable try.
To play the score following historic research, but also permitting personal feeling may give the music the vitality it might have had when performed following the composers idea. But those who knew the composers personally are dead since long.

Still nowadays Classic Music is performed in public, mastered, discussed, compared.

I feel so very lucky nowadays I can get also music played by less known pianists and I wonder very much why they are less known.
At least I notice genuine vitality, creativity, personality and expression, while there is still the desire to research composers will. 
I do not care whether a performance coincides perfectly with the score as long as the music "feels good".

When I listen to Johann Sebastian Bachs Music I do not really feel much need for rubato, regarding Chopin we all know he was a magic pianist using rubato quite often.

I hope I won't be misunderstood when I post following here some impressions of pieces - regardless whether they have rubato or not.

(german explanation and text, probably to be translated later)

"Aria" from Friedrich Gulda, as accessible at youtube .
A fine example for fine interpretation after score.
Quite close to the "original"

A similar feeling that led to this text I had when I discovered serveral styles to play ragtime.

 So I happily enjoy any personal interpretation of the compositions you may find in my personal music-paradise by clicking on this ultimate link


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