Jun 24, 2011

Ernst Gröschel

Ernst Gröschel (*9. December 1918, Nürnberg, Germany, + 5. May 2000, Zams /Tyrol, Austria) was a german pianist and teacher.
He studied at  Emil von Sauer, a pupil of Franz Liszt in Vienna and played the piano in the tradition of Liszt all his life.

Gröschel was the first pianist in Germany toplay Mozart and Beethoven completely on contemporary instruments.
Recently a youtube-account was initiated to maintain the commemoration to this extraordinary person by some of his pupils.


As I like best from the Beethoven Sonatas the op. 111 I would like to post it here first:

Ernst Gröschel plays Beethoven

following you find some further posts with their respective comments:

Ernst Gröschel plays CHOPIN Ballade No2 in F major
Ernst Gröschel was a genius and very well known pianist in Germany and a pupil from Emil von Sauer. His clear and direct touch of keys builds a sound of rich virtuosity. The piano he is playing is the Erard grand from Family Schlesinger. when they emigrated back to germany they took their parisien piano with them to Nürnberg. Today this piano is not allowed to be played.
Die Ecosaissen hat Frédéric Chopin mit 16 Jahren komponiert. Ernst Gröschel spielte sie in Frankreich meisterlich ein. (Played in France by Ernst Gröschel)

Chopin Opus 10 No 1 - Ernst Gröschel
Ernst Gröschel spielt nicht nur das originale Tempo, sondern auch noch jeden einzelnen Anschlag mit Klang!
Im Bild sind seine handgeschriebenen Fingersätze in meinem Buch.
Martin Dalheimer

Inn case you like to learn furtherly about Ernst Gröschel the best will be to contact Martin Dalheimer.

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