Nov 30, 2011

Some historic pianos

Here I list some recordings i like very much performed on historic pianos;

there is no real resason in the order, just as I discovered them following my mood ...

but it seems it became a C.P.E. Bach-list.

I enjoy the historic origins of fortepiano very much, indeed.

"Abschied vom Silbermannschen Clavier in einen Rondeau" by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788), performed by María de Lourdes Cútolo in an Anton Tomaschek fortepiano, Viena c. 1855, restored by Leopoldo Pérez Robledo ( - Early Keyboard Music Cycle, Buenos Aires, Argentina ( - July 12th 2010

The microphone was placed where someone listening in person would be sitting. If you listen to this with good headphones, what you hear will be very much as if you had been sitting there. The sound quality of YouTubes is excellent. But nearly all clavichords on YouTube have been recorded with microphones much closer than your ears would be.  The instrument is  more related to the builder Friederici.
CPE Bach was known to favor his instruments.

J.S. Bach Sonata B Minor for Flute And B.C. 2nd movm. Largo e dolce Benedek Csalog (baroque flute, P.A.Dupre after Quantz A=415 Hz) Miklós Spányi (Fortepiano after Silbermann) The picture was made during the recording.
Label: Ramée see more at

 C. P. E. Bach_Fantasia Wq 61/6, Larghetto sostenuto (Live)

Norberto Broggini plays the 1st movement from the Prussian Sonata n° 1 by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach on the Unfretted Clavichord by Johann Adolph Hass (Hamburg, 1763) of the Russel collection at the St Cecilia's Hall, Edinburgh. UNOFFICIAL VIDEO- NOT AUTHORIZED BY THE MUSEUM.

One Comment I would like to quote here also:
"Thankfully, the old museum mentality of "original condition above all else" is slowly moving aside in favour of true preservation and restoration."

Natalia Valentin Entretien avec Odile Carracilly (francais) - Beautiful explanation about the "historic sound" in french

Natalia Valentin Bagatelle N°7 Opus 33 L.v. Beethoven Presto

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