Sep 24, 2011

Beethoven Sonata op. 111

With unexpressable joy and satisfaction some minutes ago I received the second part of Sonata op 111 of Ludwig van Beethoven uploaded in the USA by David Hertzberg from after some months of waiting and hoping due to youtube restrictions to post posts over 15 minutes on ordinary accounts.
Today I asked him once more how to find a solution to post it and he reacted kindly and - immediately.
So here is complete op. 111 by Jörg Demus 1970 at Bonn on Beethovens Graf grand.

As op. 111 is my favorite Beethoven Sonata I would like to introduce a separate post on it here, though you find the same piece in the article about Beethovens pianos also ...

I would like to thank David to share this super-rare treasure, quoting here his included text:

In this rare 1970 live recording, made in Bonn to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Beethoven's birth, Austrian pianist Jorg Demus performs on Beethoven's Graf piano the first movement of Sonata no. 32, Op. 111 in C minor. I created this video from the double LP shown above, issued in 1983 by the Musical Heritage Society. Extensive notes, penned by Demus, about the Graf are included in this video.

Movement 2: Arietta: Adagio molto, semplice e cantabile

Alfred Brendel schreibt, die Sonate 111 wirke in doppelter Weise: „Als abschließendes Bekenntnis seiner Sonaten und als ein Präludium des Verstummens."
Alfred Brendel writes, the Sonata 111 workes in double way: "As a final confession of his sonatas and as a prelude of falling silent."

Autograph of op. 111 in the digital archive of the "Beethoven-Haus" in Bonn

 In case you like to hear op. 111 on Beethovens Graf uninterrupted by clicking on your computer here is a playlist with both parts on youtube.

finally a link to the pianos Beethoven had
David, thank you again and again!

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